Body Work

Body Work

Roger’s proprietary techniques confront complex pain issues that often evade conventional treatments. Past injuries, work place repetition, physical and emotional stress, challenged posture, and surgical trauma have all been successfully addressed. This unique hybrid of myofascial release, deep tissue manipulation and structural work can produce relief from even the most tenacious pain and imbalance. 

Facial Rejuvenation

This innovative therapy is not only successful in erasing fine lines, but can restore a plump, youthful look and bring vibrance back to your face. Over multiple sessions skin and muscle are repositioned to counteract sagging in weak areas and erase that pinched, overworked look. Facial work can also aid in TMJ relief, calming involuntary twitching, and unraveling migraine headaches.

Energy Work

At the core of most suffering can be found an energetic congestion. This blockade to healing drains vitality, propagates hopelessness, and inhibits natural defenses. Roger uses energy channeling to reset these systems and encourage the light to return. Beyond emotional healing, this unique energy work can aid the body and mind in returning to it’s highest state.

PUSH FX Therapy

Lisa provides PUSH FX Therapy which incorporates 5 methods for eliminating pain and tension symptoms caused by repetitive stress, trauma or overuse. Each method is a stand-alone discipline that can relieve pain, decrease tension and increase mobility. These specialized methods include  cross fiber friction to release fascia and muscle tissue, self-treatment and tension releasing exercises. When combined, the 5 methods form a comprehensive and dynamic system of treatment and training that is unique in the therapeutic world. This system enables clients to eliminate chronic symptoms and increase functional strength and mobility throughout a lifetime.

Please come dressed as you would for the gym or yoga. 


Reflexolgy has been practiced for over 6000 years. Clinical researchers have concluded that the most representative “organ-reflected sensitivity zones” are located on the skin of the feet and hands. Through these “zones” we are able to obtain vital information about the functioning of internal organs.

Through systematic precision pressure points we treat the entire person healing from the inside out and in reverse order. Reflexology treats the entire body to restore homeostasis or balance. Benefits include stimulation of blood and nerve circulation and relaxation response.

Alge-mud wrap

Far-infrared heat is utilized in a therapeutic wrap to envelope you in gentle warmth that penetrates deep into the body to facilitate healing on a cellular level.

Customizable based on your specific health needs and goals, this therapy incorporates elements of the earth and ocean to promote detoxification, decrease inflammation, alleviate constipation, treat cellulite and skin conditions, pain management and weight loss. Ideal for Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, circulation issues, edema, surgical recovery, and overexertion from exercise.

Includes dry brushing instruction, aromatherapy and a hydrating lotion application. Customizable options can  include MLD, Reflexology, salt scrub and/or a float tank session. Additional charges may apply.

Aroma-Reflex Therapy

Essential oils have been scientifically documented to have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-septic properties and are used around the world as safe and effective holistic wellness care.  Using specific essential oils based on your health and wellness goals, Aroma Reflex is an exploration in finding your path, self, identity, and clarity. Although it is very gentle and non-invasive, the subtle effects of essential oils applied in a systematic way can be profound and life altering.  Time for self reflection and relaxation following treatment should be planned and expected.

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