Massage & Body Work


Some of the physical benefits of massage include:
  • reduced muscle tension.
  • improved circulation.
  • stimulation of the lymphatic system.
  • reduction of stress hormones.
  • relaxation.
  • increased joint mobility and flexibility.
  • improved skin tone.
  • improved recovery of soft tissue injuries.

Body Work

Roger’s proprietary techniques confront complex pain issues that often evade conventional treatments. Past injuries, work place repetition, physical and emotional stress, challenged posture, and surgical trauma have all been successfully addressed. This unique hybrid of myofascial release, deep tissue manipulation and structural work can produce relief from even the most tenacious pain and imbalance. 

Facial Rejuvenation

This innovative therapy is not only successful in erasing fine lines, but can restore a plump, youthful look and bring vibrance back to your face. Over multiple sessions skin and muscle are repositioned to counteract sagging in weak areas and erase that pinched, overworked look. Facial work can also aid in TMJ relief, calming involuntary twitching, and unraveling migraine headaches.

Energy Work

At the core of most suffering can be found an energetic congestion. This blockade to healing drains vitality, propagates hopelessness, and inhibits natural defenses. Roger uses energy channeling to reset these systems and encourage the light to return. Beyond emotional healing, this unique energy work can aid the body and mind in returning to it’s highest state.

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