Virtual & In Person CLASSES



Yoga Classes VIRTUAL and in person

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s evening experience Vinyasa style flow yoga. With focus on the breath, we flow through postures connecting breath to movement, creating a mind body connection.

Sunday’s @ 5pm Come relax and unwind as we slowly stretch the body from top to bottom. Melt into the mat while we hold restorative postures for longer periods of time to let go of what we no longer need. 

Sound Bath

Tuesday’s 7pm

Singing bowls have been used for centuries to induce a profound state of peace  within the mind and nervous system. To truly relax and let go is one of the most therapeutic acts a person can perform. The majority of major health concerns today are directly related to stress levels in our lives. Sound therapy has been proven to facilitate a significant reduction in stress and stress-related ailments with repeated and regular experience. Isn’t it time you gave yourself the gift of wellness through restorative relaxation?


6:00pm Wednesday’s

Come enjoy an evening in person & VIRTUALLY!

Here at Mindful Living we encourage creativity and community. 

This a free event

Feeling the brunt of life?

Wanna escape and whine a little with a little wine?

We are here to help in any way we can. Sometimes we all need a little time to express our whine and someone to listen.

Enjoy great conversations and ways of uplifting when so many things seem heavy.

Thursday's Virtual & In Person at 6pm

Register for a wellness workshop to educate, interact, and motivate yourself and others through different programs to promote and practice a healthy balance in your life.

Basically, a book club for health enthusiasts.

Everyone is welcomed to join, regardless of prior wellness experience!

HOME GROWN HEALTH-How you can improve your health from your own backyard!

Poetry Night

Come enjoy an evening when thoughts and spoken word flow like wine. Reserve your spot, book for free and we will enjoy a creative night together.
Here at Mindful Living we encourage creativity and community.
Together we will have poetry readings and open mic so to speak!
Join us virtually too! just sign up and we will send you the email link to join in 10 minutes before we start!

Intro to Crystals

Friday’s @ 5pm

During this introductory class, we will reveal a bit about the science and history of crystal uses. You will be provided with examples of key crystals for highly sought after uses such as; love, abundance, healing, grounding, etc. There will also be information about how to care for your crystals, bond with them, keep them charged up and so much more!