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Nicole received her B.A. in Communication Studies in 2003 with a minor in Psychology. She went on to obtain her Master’s degree in Communication Disorders and Speech Pathology in 2008. She has worked in the field of Speech Therapy for over a decade helping people with strokes, traumatic brain injuries, and other neurogenic disorders regain communication skills, executive function abilities, and overcome cognitive-linguistic maladies among many other areas of focus.


In addition to her formal schooling, Nicole is a certified Transformational Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner as well as a Peer Advocate and Mentor in the areas of social inequality, mental wellness, and addiction recovery. She is also a Sound Therapy Practitioner, Meditation Coach, and Intuitive Guide.


“Aurora’s Grace” – Nicole’s dynamic practice at Mindful Living, reflects her diverse training and skills as a multi-passionate clinician. As you may expect, she has a wide variety of offerings to explore. Nicole’s services inspire a sense of confidence, balance, and restoration to your life. She compassionately engages you in a co-collaborative process that encourages personal transformation, self-discovery, and radical self-acceptance. 


Nicole enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, camping, and mountain biking. A bit of a gypsy, she has lived in 6 different states since she was 18. For personal care, Nicole meditates regularly, finds great joy in dancing, and is a music enthusiast. You’ll often find her at local shows, national concerts, and ecstatic dance gatherings. Nicole has walked a life-long path of spiritual growth studying multi-cultural religions and diverse belief systems as well as mystical and philosophical theology.

Ali Eileen

Ali is passionate about empowering others in their wellness transformation. She believes that wellness starts first with caring for oneself, and knows first-hand that self-care is the super-power needed to live a life radiantly rooted in one’s wholeness.

She has been an allied health professional, practitioner and guide of mind-body disciplines for more than 15 years, including the practice of mindfulness, yoga, meditation, nature therapy, and transformational life coaching.

She is a trauma-informed yoga instructor, holistic wellness coach and nature therapy guide. She thrives at creating safe spaces to approach and explore transformation, whether that is on a yoga mat, in an educational setting, out in nature, or in a private coaching session.

She will work alongside you to discover the vision for the life you want to be living, and empower you as you choose to live a life radiantly rooted in your own wholeness.

In her downtime, you can find Ali learning to garden, savoring nature, hiking and spending time with her family.

Dorie Olds


Self Hypnosis, 


Hypnosis is effective for many different areas. Dorie has 

helped many benefits in ways such as; weight loss, addiction

 recovery, relationships, bodybuilding, desire for abundance, 

career choices and guidance, letting go of limitations, and ways to receive motivation. 

These are just a few ways hypnosis can change your life for the better. If you can imagine it,

 you can have it. 

Roger developed his body-work technique while recovering from multiple nerve and spinal injuries. During his healing process he trained as a Yoga instructor and body-worker to further understand and rehabilitate the body. His methods help define muscles, free them from pain and imbalances while stabilizing posture and increasing blood flow.